Programme National d'Investissement 2030

2030 National Investment Program

  • Programme National d'Investissement 2030
    November 17, 2020
    Portugal’s National Investment Program (PNI) for the period through 2030 foresees the spending of €21.95 billion on projects in the areas of transport, energy and environment.

    The 2030 National Investment Program (PNI) is the document that plans Portugal’s major goals for major public works over the next ten years. The 2030 PNI represents a total estimated investment of 43 billion euros.

    Of the total planned investment of 43 billion euros, 12 billion (28%) will be financed from the state budget over the different years of implementation of this plan until 2030. Another EUR 12 million comes from the multiannual financial framework that will apply in the 2021-2027 cycle. The Recovery and Resilience Program will contribute 3.300 million euros and 14.200 million euros originate from private investment, through maritime, road concessions in the area of energy or in the area of the environment.

    Half of the expected investment value that the 2030 National Investment Program represents goes to transport and mobility (50%), exclusively dedicated to the railroad. As for the remaining plots, 30% of the investment is dedicated to energy, 18% to the environment and 2% to irrigation.

    Portugal’s government approved plans to create a state-owned development bank to channel funds into certain companies and sectors to bolster the economy.

    Portugal’s government predicted that the country’s gross domestic product, projected to fall by 8.5% in 2020, will bounce back with 5.4% growth in 2021. Exports are expected to increase by 10.9% after a sobering 22% drop in 2020, with investment expected to grow 5.3% after this year’s 7.4% fall.