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Neomarca, present in the market since 1995, is a business consultancy company specializing in supporting SMEs. Keen to create added value for clients, it proposes a global offer of innovative services to support the development of entrepreneurial projects. Our services are distributed in four core areas: investment advisory, corporate strategy, marketing & sales and human resources.
We work extensively with buy-side organisations, including investment banks, private equity and European funding. EU funding is a financial instrument that helps develop or expand your company or business in Portugal.

Neomarca makes a team of experts available to guide you through the whole deployment process. We offer our experience so your project in Portugal can become a reality. With a skilled and passionate team, Neomarca helps its customers and partners achieve ambitious innovation goals in an impactful and sustainable way.

Neomarca has developed, in collaboration with Portuguese and foreign business, several consultancy services including those aimed at supporting new investments and business.

We work extensively with buy-side organizations, including investment banks, private equity and European funding – a financial instrument that helps develop or expand your company or business.

We can provide support at the following stages:

  • Request For Information: we will provide information for the decision-making process-costs, suppliers.
  • Finding a location: we will help you find the perfect spot (land, offices, industrial units).
  • Relations with the Public Administration: we will help you with the procedures for permits and licences.
  • Setting up a business: we offer relevant information for fact-based decision making and plans for establishing or expanding a business.
  • Networking: we will identify and connect you to potential partners and local suppliers.
  • Funding: financial grants combined with tax incentives are a key advantage for your investment.


We offer a range of strategic business consultancy services.

Investment advisory – Finance & funding

We offer an integrated range of investment advisory services prior, during and following the active stages of the investment cycle. These services include: comprehensive market analysis for national and international markets, development of business plans and support to investors.

Corporate strategy

Strategic analysis comprises an integrated range of analytical, auditing and benchmarking services relating to the competitive position of a company. Our objective is to provide sustainable and measurable improvements to the competitiveness and operations of companies.

Marketing & Sales

We provide a full range of marketing services. We help your company developing strategies that increase sales, attract and retain customers, support innovation, adopt product policies, price, and distribution aimed at growth.

Human resources

Our service includes training & HR return-on-investment. We work closely with client’s HR and general management to define training objectives, curriculum development and training tools, implement the training and monitor the results.

Neomarca has been providing consultancy services and advice to SME’s for over 25 years.

Our strength lies on building strong and productive relationships with our clients. Innovation, performance and reliability are the key words that guide us and ensure the success of each assignment.

Paulo Pereira

Founder & CEO

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