Why invest in Portugal?

The IT and tourism sectors are viewed by investors as driving the development of the country. But there’s much more…

Technology and Innovation

  • 117 R&D public and private institutions, in health sciences

  • 200M program to stimulate foreign startups

  • Unicorns with Portuguese DNA already worth over €34 billion: Unbabel, Farfetch, Outsystems, Feedzai, Sword Health

  • The next generation low-latency Ellalink submarine cable system landed in Sines, Portugal

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  • 69 R&D centres which employ 10,245 people

  • The Port of Sines is part of the Top largest European container ports

  • Seven international airports in Portugal.

  • Vilamoura Marina has the best international marina of 2021.

Human Capital

  • High level of education in business-related areas

  • 61% speak, at least, one foreign language (English is mandatory and 78% learn 2 or more foreign languages)

  • 7th in the English Proficiency Index 2020

  • 140 universities in Portugal with more than 35k international students

Market and Financial

  • Interconnection of Portuguese commercial networks and a gateway to the world (500million in Europe)

  • Portuguese passport is the 5th most powerful in the world

  • EU Common currency – Euro (€)

  • Portuguese is the official language in 7 other countries (250 million Portuguese speakers in the world)

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Quality of life

  • One of the best countries to retire.
  • Portugal comes in third in the most peaceful countries rankings.

  • Portugal ranks 17th in the 2021 World Index of Healthcare Innovation.

We support people and companies to live and do business in Portugal. We true believe that Portugal is the best country in the world. Invest in Portugal…invest in your life!

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