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About Portugal

What do you think you know about Portugal

Portugal ranks 5th in number of days/time to start a business.

Technology and Innovation

  • 117 R&D public and private institutions, in health sciences

  • 200M program to stimulate foreign startups

  • Innovative brands developed in Portugal: Unbabel, Farfetch

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  • #15th country with the best infrastructure

  • 69 R&D centres which employ 10,245 people

  • #6th in motorway density

  • #25th in port infrastructure

  • #25th in railroad infrastructure

  • #24th in air transport (10 airports, 7 of which are international, 6 in Azores and Madeira –all are within 11km of the city center)

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  • High level of education in business-related areas

  • 12% of university students in Portugal come from abroad

  • 61% speak, at least, one foreign language (English is mandatory and 78% learn 2 or more foreign languages)

  • #21st in Science and Engineering degrees

  • #21st in quality of scientific research (R&D centres employ 10,245 people) e.g. 2017

  • 12th in the English Proficiency Index 2016

  • #26th in Quality of management schools (2 top schools in “Financial Times TOP 30 of the best in Europe”)

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Market and Financial

  • Interconnection of Portuguese commercial networks and a gateway to the world (500million in Europe)

  • Portuguese passport is the 5th most powerful in the world

  • EU Common currency - Euro (€)

  • Portuguese is the official language in 7 other countries (250 million Portuguese speakers in the world)

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