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Agriculture and Agri-Food


Wine, olive oil and tinned food are part of a healthy Mediterranean diet

  • The main agricultural products are cereals, fruits, vegetables and wine.
  • Wine, olive oil and tinned food awarded internationally.
  • Portugal ranks among the top 10 wine exporters in the world.
  • High quality applications and technological solutions that made processes more efficient and modern.
  • 6,3 thousand million euros of exports in this sector, in 2016.

A series of recent events indicate that Portugal is on its way to becoming a major producer and exporter of cannabis for medical purposes.

  1. Port wine was a pioneer conquering the world.
  2. Portuguese olive oil is considered to be the best in the world.
  3. Portugal is the largest global producer of cork.
  4. Portuguese fruit is appreciated in the most challenging markets.
Agriculture, Fishing & Food industry
UNICERThe largest Portuguese soft drinks company
DELTAThe market leader for coffee in Portugal
JERÓNIMO MARTINSFood Distribution is their core businesses in Portugal, Poland and Colombia
SOVENAA reference in the global olive oil market
AMORIMThe largest world producer of cork product

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