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Amazon and Google invest in Portuguese startup

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    August 28, 2019
    Portuguese Doppio closes round of 1 million euros. Amazon and Google among investors.

    Doppio, a Portuguese startup founded in April 2018 by Jeferson Valadares and Christopher Barnes, specializes in voice-controlled games. The company has closed a € 1 million seed investment round to boost its team, launch its second game in the last quarter of this year and continue the support for their first project – The Vortex. Doppio indicates that this round had several investors, including Amazon’s Alexa Fund, Google, Portugal Ventures and Busy Angels.

    The investment is a vote of confidence in the great potential of conversational games. There are already millions of devices that allow voice control, but there are few games that take advantage of the unique opportunities created by voice technology” said Jeferson Valadares.

    At Doppio, we have a different approach. By bringing together great writers, creating engaging worlds and building a conversational gaming environment with the support of AI [Artificial Intelligence], we believe we can create captivating and popular gaming experiences that simply can’t be reached elsewhere” added Doppio’s CEO.

    Investors also include figures such as Lasse Seppänen of Supercell, Alexis Bonte of Stillfront & Atomico and David Helgason of Unity. The Portuguese startup focuses entirely on the development of voice-controlled game. The company is currently incubated at the University of Porto´s Science and Technology Park (UPTEC).

    Doppio released its first game last October for Amazon Alexa and in January this year for Google Assistant: “The Vortex”. This is a science fiction adventure where the player wakes up from a cryogenic sleep (a state of life suspension in which a human being is frozen) by a group of robots. To understand how it came to that situation, the player needs to command a ship.