Azores, Algarve and Braga among best place to live

Azores, Algarve and Braga among best places to live in Europe

  • Azores, Algarve and Braga among best place to live
    December 12, 2020

    Forbes chooses Braga, Azores and Algarve as three of the “best destinations for North Americans to live”.

    Forbes magazine and the European Best Destinations (EBD) organisation have once again shone the spotlight on Portugal, this time including the sunny Algarve, northern city of Braga and Azores archipelago on a list of the “20 best places for Americans to live, invest and work in Europe”.

    The suggestions are based on several criteria such as the presence of an international school, quality of life, health system, internet connection, proximity to airports with international flights, cost of living, expat community and low crime rate.


    Braga: “the happiest city in the country”

    According to Forbes, Braga is the “happiest city in the country” and is “also on the podium of European cities with the best quality of life”. The quality of life, green spaces and international schools stand out, attributes that may be especially appealing to North Americans. Braga is also presented as a good bet for those who want to invest in tourism, being one of the cities with the highest growth rate in this sector at European level.


    São Brás de Alportel and Aljezur

    The Algarve region is another suggestion for Americans who want to change their country. One of the regions with the lowest population density in Europe, it presents itself as a sunny destination that can be fully utilized during the bathing season, in the summer. This, in fact, will be one of the reasons why it has attracted, over the years, English, French, German or Italians looking for a new residence for the reform stage.

    Forbes recommends São Brás de Alportel and Aljezur as ideal destinations for those who want to enjoy the sea and the surrounding activities that this element provides. The Algarve is recommended for both digital nomads and families, at a time when teleworking is the norm.


    Azores: reduced VAT and quality of life

    The Azores is described as an archipelago of nine incredible islands where several incentives are promoted by the regional government to attract businesses and startups, namely reduced VAT (5%, 10% and 18%). The Azores is one of the European destinations with the best quality of life and the most cost-effective real estate in Europe.

    The average price per square meter in the Azores is almost three times lower than the average price in the USA.
    They add that direct connections with the United States via boat and plane are other advantages, with daily direct flights to mainland Portugal and also to the USA.


    Among the remaining suggestions, “Forbes” chose Madrid, San Sebastian and Malaga (Spain), Brighton (United Kingdom), Hamburg and Berlin (Germany), Athens (Greece), Brest-Terres Océanes and Alsace (France), Brussels ( Belgium), Vienna (Austria), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Tuscania (Italy), Basel (Switzerland), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Cork (Republic of Ireland) and Poznan (Poland).