Finnish technology group Wartsila has completed an island grid energy solution in Azores

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    March 8, 2020
    Finnish technology group Wartsila has completed an island grid energy solution on Graciosa, an island of the Azores.

    Led by Graciolica Lda, the project will combine solar and wind generation, together with energy storage using lithium-ion batteries supplied by Leclanché SA. This project represents the journey towards a 100% renewable energy future with an integrated power system combining renewables, engines and energy storage that will deliver both economic and environmental benefits.

    The purpose of the Graciosa Hybrid Renewable Power Plant is to reduce diesel fuel consumption and maximise renewable energy for Graciosa’s over 4,000 inhabitants. The use of renewables will increase from 15% to 65% with Wartsila’s new technology solution.

    The plant consists of 1 MW of solar, 4.5 MW of wind capacity and a 2.6-MW energy storage system. It includes an energy storage system that enables a more resilient and sustainable power system as critical grid asset. An integrated energy management system by Finnish technology group Wartsila Corporation will monitor and operate the power plant.

    The island will now use up to 65% renewables, as compared to 15% before the facility was built, cutting demand for diesel fuel. The Graciosa Hybrid Renewable Power Plant has the potential to eliminate approximately 190,000 litres of diesel fuel per month.

    “The Graciosa project demonstrates the enormous potential of energy storage in maximising renewable generation in our power systems,” said Risto Paldanius, Director, Business Development, Energy Storage and Optimisation, Wärtsilä.

    The hybrid project was developed by Portuguese project company Graciolica Lda, whose majority shareholder is Denmark-based Recharge A/S. Wartsila has a software maintenance services agreement for a five-year period.