Azores win “Best of Nature” category

  • March 16, 2020
    The Azores won the “Best of Nature” category of the Sustainable Destination Awards, a distinction attributed by Green Destinations.

    “The Azores are the only archipelago in the world and the only region in the country with the certification of Sustainable Tourist Destination”, underlines the regional secretary for Energy, Environment and Tourism, Marta Guerreiro.

    She added that “all and any distinction in this area reinforces the position of the Azores in terms of sustainability”.

    The regional secretary also highlights the path that the Government of the Azores took in the sustainable development of the tourism sector.

    According to Green Destinations, the contest for the 100 Best Sustainable Destinations is organized to disseminate sustainability stories and good practices from local and regional destinations.

    “We are recognized as a destination of experiences that can be experienced in nature, so this award can only be a reason for great pride, satisfaction and enthusiasm”, stressed Marta Guerreiro.

    In 2019, Green Destinations had already distinguished the Azores in the “Best of Europe” category, as one of the regions that contributed to Portugal being awarded the prize.

    In 2018, the region was recognized in the “Best of the Atlantic” category.

    The archipelago is also the only region in the country to display the “Quality Coast Platina” award, attributed by this entity, since 2014.

    Green Destinations is an institutional network of international organizations specialized in sustainable tourism and evaluates competing destinations worldwide.