Bahrain and Portugal enter initiative to support startups globally during COVID-19

  • May 9, 2020
    The Bahrain Economic Development Board has entered into a proactive initiative with GrowIN Portugal, a platform that helps entrepreneurs incorporate, fund, expand and move their startups to Portugal. The agreement will serve to promote cooperation between the two organisations, particularly with regard to supporting startups globally during the ongoing pandemic by connecting the two startups ecosystems.

    Both parties have agreed to:

    • Collaborate on the promotion of key events and opportunities in their respective markets;
    • Promote opportunities for developing the startup markets in their respective countries;
    • Support startups by arranging introductory meetings with key ecosystem stakeholders in both countries;
    • Exchange information on the evolution of their respective startup markets

    Commenting on the initiative, Pakiza Abdulrahman, Head of Startups, Bahrain EDB, said: “By connecting and thereby bolstering our two ecosystems, Startup Bahrain and GrowIN Portugal are providing a lifeline for innovative startups seeking a supportive environment in which they are able to empower the digital economy in their respective countries.”

    Anas El Arras, Chief Executive Officer, GrowIN Portugal, added: “Startups need support now more than ever before, so we are delighted to be collaborating with Bahrain EDB to do just that. Bahrain and Portugal each offer supportive ecosystems complete with funding support, highly-skilled labour forces, cutting edge digital infrastructure and world-class accelerators.”

    With its flexible regulatory environment; the availability of multiple accelerators, access to funding opportunities, openness to 100% foreign ownership, world-class physical and digital infrastructure; and some of the lowest set-up and operating costs in the region, hyper-connected Bahrain is increasingly the destination of choice for companies from all over the world seeking to access the growing USD1.5 trillion Gulf markets.


    About Bahrain Economic Development Board

    The Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB) is an investment promotion agency with overall responsibility for attracting investment into the Kingdom and supporting initiatives that enhance the investment climate.

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    About GrowIN Portugal

    GrowIN Portugal is an accredited Incubator, Accelerator, and Company as a Service Platform that helps Entrepreneurs Incorporate, Fund, Expand and Move their Startups to Portugal.

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