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Bank Financing

Companies that propose projects with significant economic return may have access to various financial instruments that will ease the financial burden of heavy investments.

Financial Support for Improving the Tourism Offer

Turismo  de  Portugal,  in  partnership  with  the  Banking  System  and  Portugal  Capital Ventures, provides a financial instrument, with an overall budget of 90 million euros for  the  medium  and  long-term  financing  of  investment  projects  investment  by  tourism  companies  that are  translated,  above  all,  into  the  requalification  of  tourist  enterprises,  creation  of  innovative  tourist  enterprises,  projects  in  the  area  of  tourism  and  catering,  as  well  as  tourism  entrepreneurship projects.



  • The amount of financing cannot exceed 75% of the eligible investment.
  • The participation of Turismo de Portugal has the limit of 2 million euros.


FINANCING STRUCTURE: Maximum of 15 years, including a maximum grace period of 4 years.


  • Entrepreneurship projects, with a maximum eligible investment of € 500,000, promoted by SMEs at most with 2 years of full activity, in the activities of animation and restoration of interest for Tourism and other services associated with Tourism with a particular focus on technology-based ones;
  • Tourism animation projects aimed at the development of urban centres;
  • Urban rehabilitation projects in areas of tourist interest;
  • Projects that contribute to the increase of the average stay of tourists and to the reduction of seasonality or that translate as demonstrators and differentiators in the level of environmental or energy sustainability.


For projects in the interior of the country, part of the financing component awarded by TURISMO DE PORTUGAL can beconverted into NON-REFUNDABLE if the following goals are met (reported for the third full year of operation):

  1.  At least 90% of the Business Value and Gross Value Added foreseen in the application are reached, each of which competes for 50% of this objective.
  2.  The creation of the totality of the planned jobs will be achieved.
special Credit lines for Business Support

Capitalize Credit Line

The Capitalize Program is a program to support the capitalization of companies and the recovery of investment, with the objective of promoting more balanced financial structures, reducing the liabilities of economically viable companies, as well as improving the conditions of access to the financing of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

With amounts of financing between 25,000 euros and 2 million euros per company and terms that vary between 3 and 10 years, the Capitalize Credit Line aims to improve the conditions for business investment.

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