The 37 best cities in the world: Lisbon and Porto on the list

  • Lisbon and Porto Best cities
    September 17, 2021

    Porto is in 9th place as Lisbon occupies 21st place.

    As usual, Portugal and its cities are well ranked and some of them considered as best places in the world to live.

    This ranking was elaborated by the famous international magazine “Time Out” after a poll which evolved around 27,000 city-dwellers, where the magazine asked about the food and culture, the community projects, green space, and sustainability. As you can read in the Time-Out article, they were looking for the best cities that would be “making life better, both for us and for our grandkids”.

    This quest was also to understand which cities were the best to adapt to a new reality because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Portugal is represented, as we have mentioned, by Porto and Lisbon. The participants of the quest said that Porto was great for ‘culture’. They have also highlighted Porto’s legendary graffiti artists that have been busier than ever, splashing the streets with some much-needed color, while many galleries have been surprisingly active too.

    “The city has also begun to give back public space to citizens, with ample pedestrianization, more cycling infrastructure, expanded terraces, and new community gardens. We attended concerts in parks, bought books under the shade of trees, supported local businesses, and discovered new ones. Many people started baking bread, cakes, and cookies at home, and now many of them have gone pro”, you can read in the results of the quest in which many Porto residents made part.

    The Porto residents have also said that “Maus Hábito” -an inclusive arts space- helped them go through the pandemic. While most bars were closed, it was a cultural oasis of gigs, drag shows, screenings, exhibitions, poetry nights, and stand-up comedy – with some decent pizza and craft beer. Pretty much the perfect place to live in.

    Last but not least about this magnificent Porto city, is that it is a very easy place to make friends as Porto was voted the second-best place in the world to find new pals, with 62 percent of locals stating that it was ‘easy.

    As for Lisbon, which we remind you that is in the 21st place, one of the best things that came out of the pandemic was the fact that collectives and ad hoc collaborations blossomed; smaller, niche, artisanal businesses cropped up city-wide.

    A massive 87 percent of the Lisbon residents quested, rated their city highly for ‘eating and drinking. Cultural events may have been put on pause this year, but 75 percent would say the same for the arts. And now it’s time to get back out there again, Lisbon has done what any city in Southern Europe should – occupy terraces, riverbanks, and basically any other outdoor space available.

    As usual and as we have said, Portugal remains one of the top destinies in the world! What a place to live in! Have you ever thought about investing in Portugal? Now is the time. Contact us if you have an idea on your mind, we sure can help you out!

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