Building a factory is a bold undertaking, bringing innovation, jobs, and economic growth to a region. If you’re dreaming of establishing your manufacturing hub in Portugal, you might be wondering: Can Portugal 2030 funding help turn your vision into reality?

The short answer is: It depends. While Portugal 2030 doesn’t directly fund factory construction, several avenues within the initiative could provide crucial support, depending on your project’s specifics.

Unlocking Your Funding Potential:

  1. Align with National Priorities: Portugal 2030 focuses on five key areas: Cohesion, Competitiveness, Carbon Neutrality, Social Sustainability, and Digital Transformation. Building a factory can potentially align with Competitiveness, especially if it drives innovation, job creation, and economic growth. However, your project needs to demonstrably contribute to a specific program’s objectives within this area.

  2. Project Details Matter:

    • Industry: Your industry plays a major role. Aligning with strategic sectors like renewable energy, advanced manufacturing, or digital technologies increases your funding potential.
    • Impact: Define your project’s measurable positive impact on Portugal. Consider job creation, export growth, reduced emissions, or technological advancements.
  3. Eligibility Check:

    • Company Size and Location: Certain programs might have specific criteria regarding company size (SME, large enterprise) and location within Portugal. Ensure your company qualifies.
    • Financial Health: Be prepared to demonstrate your company’s financial standing and ability to contribute to the project, depending on the program.
  4. Explore Funding Options:

    • Grants: Highly competitive, but offer non-repayable financial support. Projects need to strongly align with program priorities.
    • Loans: Various loan schemes with subsidized interest rates or favorable terms might be available depending on the program and project characteristics.
    • Tax Incentives: Portugal offers tax benefits for specific investments and innovation activities, potentially applicable to your factory project.

Maximizing Your Chances:

  • Program Deep Dive: Explore specifics of programs. Analyze their eligible activities, application criteria, and alignment with your project.
  • Seek Expert Guidance: Consult with advisors or professionals familiar with Portugal 2030 funding and factory development. They can assess your project’s fit and advise on application strategies.

Remember, building a factory requires careful planning and alignment with relevant programs and their priorities. Leverage expert advice and official resources to explore all possibilities and maximize your chances of securing the right funding for your factory project in Portugal. With a strong vision, strategic planning, and the right support, your dream factory could become a reality, empowering your business and contributing to Portugal’s thriving industrial landscape.

Neomarca as Your Ally:

For those embarking on this ambitious journey, Neomarca emerges as a valuable asset. Our expertise in supporting SMEs and a deep understanding of Portugal 2030 funding opportunities can empower your project in several ways:

  • Program Matching and Eligibility Assessment: Our consultants can analyze your project details and industry alignment to identify the most suitable programs for potential funding. Additionally, we can assess your company’s eligibility based on size, location, and financial standing.
  • Project Development and Impact Assessment: Neomarca can help refine your project proposal, highlighting its positive impact on Portugal in terms of job creation, economic growth, innovation, or other relevant factors aligned with program objectives. We can also assist in quantifying and demonstrating this impact through data and projections, strengthening your application’s competitiveness.
  • Grant and Loan Application Support: Neomarca’s extensive experience lies in crafting compelling grant and loan applications that adhere to program guidelines and effectively showcase your project’s value proposition. We can guide you through the application process, ensuring all necessary documentation and information are submitted correctly and on time.
  • Funding Strategy and Financial Planning: Neomarca can help develop a comprehensive funding strategy that combines potential Portugal 2030 grants or loans with other financing options like private equity or bank loans. We can also assist in creating a sound financial plan that demonstrates the project’s viability and return on investment, crucial for securing funding.
  • Connections and Partnerships: Neomarca’s network extends to various stakeholders in the Portuguese business and innovation landscape, including government agencies, financial institutions, and industry experts. We can leverage these connections to facilitate introductions, partnerships, and collaborations that can further strengthen your project and funding prospects.

Beyond Funding:

Neomarca’s support transcends securing funding:

  • Help navigate legal and regulatory requirements for establishing a factory in Portugal.
  • Connect you with potential suppliers, partners, and service providers.
  • Offer ongoing guidance and support throughout the project development and implementation phases.

By partnering with Neomarca, you gain access to our expertise, experience, and network, increasing your chances of successfully building your factory in Portugal

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