CEiiA investment brings aviation factory to Alentejo

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    October 18, 2020
    Portuguese-Brazilian project wants aircraft factory in Alentejo to create 1200 jobs.

    The ambitious project brings together the Portuguese CEiiA and Brazilian Desaer. CEiiA is a Center for Engineer and Product Development with a long history of experience in aviation. Desaer is a Brazilian company, also specialized in aviation industry.

    This joint-venture intends to create 1200 jobs in five years in Alentejo. It is the first complete aeronautical program that goes from the development, industrialization and operation of new generation aircraft from Portugal.

    The name of the project is ATL-100 Program. It will start at the CEiiA facilities at PACT (Alentejo Science and Technology Park), in Évora and then serve for the development and industrialization of the new generation light aircraft for a short distance market (the ATL-100).

    The model in question was created by Desaer, which has been working on it for a few months with CEiiA. It can transport passengers of up to 19 people and cargo of up to 2.5 tons. In addition, it is multi-configurable for greater flexibility in the logistics of passengers and goods. Its design allows less operating costs and greater sustainability than has been usual in this type of aircraft. It even foresees the evolution to carbon neutral platform.

    Roberto Figueiredo, shareholder of Desaer, indicates that “this partnership, which adds complementary skills to the aerospace sector in Portugal and Brazil, in addition to being an important project for technological innovation and job creation in both countries, is even more relevant in a context of crisis in the sector caused by the Covid-19 pandemic ”.

    CEiiA looking for engineers for Évora

    CeiiA investment, exclusively in the development phase of the aircraft, it’s about 20 million Euros for the next three years. Further on, it will develop. The estimate of creating new jobs it’s very exiting.

    In the meantime hiring has already started and the CEiiA website explains what kind of profile they are looking for. For now, they ask for design engineers, structure calculation, aerodynamics, materials, systems (electrical, mechanical and avionics), cargo and flight mechanics, production and tolerance process, project management, product control and configuration, among others.

    The ATL-100 received until now many expressions of interests from different clients in the field of defense and logistic transportation. We are talking about companies that act in markets, countries and regions where areas are very wide and the road network do not allow passengers and cargo to reach quickly their destination.


    Source : TIME 24 NEWS, Portugal MOBI SUMMIT