terreiro do paço bancos de cortiça eurovisão

Cork blocks used to build Eurovision Village

  • terreiro do paço bancos de cortiça eurovisão
    May 29, 2018
    Cork blocks used to build Eurovision Village

    The village, set up in Terreiro do Paço square, Lisbon, to cater to thousands of Eurovision fans from all over the world, uses the material in the Lounge, within the space which has a music/dj stage, a VIP photo area and customised iconic 1960s and 1970s food, drink and beverage vans.

    In the Eurovision Lounge, the cork used was designed by Mood, and sponsored by the Portuguese cork producer Amorim through its subsidiary Amorim Insulation.

    “We chose cork for this space because it is a Portuguese raw material and an event of this importance and magnitude and the characteristics of cork were sufficient reasons to use it.” – Cristina Andrade, the Coordinator for Eurovision Village.

    Cork is a 100% ecological, comfortable, versatile and aesthetically very beautiful material, with enormous wealth associated with it. Convincing the Eurovision Song Contest organisers that cork was the ideal material for the lounge was therefore fairly easy to.

    A 100% natural, made-in-Portugal product, the giant LEGO bricks afforded the lounge a very contemporary look, integrated into an event with huge international visibility, having used cork, a material with national prevenience.


    SOURCE: Essential Business