If you are an entrepreneur or organization, it is possible to get funding from a wide range of government and semi-public bodies.

The large number of development schemes change constantly, as do the associated rules. It is very likely that there will be attractive options available in this field which you have not yet been made aware of. At Neomarca, our advisors team will draw your attention to these opportunities and guide you through the relevant possibilities with regards to funding.

With our longstanding knowledge and experience, we are fully conversant with the current financing offerings and can look beyond standard funding schemes. Our priority is to help you find tax savings or financing possibilities for your investment projects or innovation plans. We can assist you with funding schemes that will allow you to realize your ideas through investments in new products/technologies.


The government provides a large number of grant schemes and other development measures. With a view to reinforcing and developing the national entrepreneurship ecosystem, Portugal provides a range of specific incentives and support programmes for entrepreneurs.

As an entrepreneur, you know that the government will provide funding to innovative businesses with new products/technologies. In practice however it can still be difficult to arrange. Neomarca is pleased to guide you through potential funding sources and answer any questions about them as well. Below are some popular schemes, for example:

  • Incentives granted under the Recovery and Resilience Plan – PRR from 2021 to 2026;
  • Incentives granted under the «Portugal 2030» (not yet available – currently under negotiation);
  • Horizon Europe is the EU’s key funding programme for research and innovation
  • Tax incentives granted under the Investment Tax Code which aim to promote the competitiveness of the Portuguese economy;
  • Incentives programmes designed for specific situations, such as the creation of jobs, financial support for hiring young people, unemployed etc.


Completing your application swiftly and keeping detailed records of all aspects of the project are crucial to ensuring a successful funding application. Our team will help you explore relevant funding programmes, identify opportunities and develop a strategic and operational action plan for your investment and project ideas.

  • Grant Advice
  • Economic and financial analyses of alternative business models;
  • Preparation and submission of funding applications
  • Project Management (if needed)
  • Support in project implementation (post-approval)

We are committed to offering our best know-how and dedicating our best resources to your project, to ensure you attain the intended objectives and expected results within the desired time period. Let’s start!

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