The EIC Pathfinder Open provides funding for projects in any field of science or technology, based on high-risk science-towards-technology breakthrough interdisciplinary research. The deadline for the EIC Pathfinder Challenge calls is 18 October 2023.

With its Pathfinder programme, the EIC supports the exploration of bold ideas for radically new technologies. It welcomes the high-risk/ high gain and interdisciplinary cutting-edge science collaborations that underpin technological breakthroughs.

Grants of up to €3 to €4 million support early-stage development of future technologies (e.g. various activities at low Technology Readiness Levels 1-3), up to proof of concept. Pathfinder projects benefit from interactions with EIC Programme Managers and can receive additional funding for testing the innovation potential of their research outputs or for working across projects for portfolio actions.

2023 EIC Pathfinder Challenges

The total indicative budget for this call is EUR 163.5 million which is expected to be allocated in approximately equal shares across the Challenges.

Consortium: a consortium of minimum 3 partners from academia or industry (including SMEs) established in at least 3 different EU Member State countries can work together. For specific challenges, other rules may apply. As such, a proposal could be submitted by single applicant or a small consortium with 2 partners.

Deadline: 18 October 2023

Subsidy: max. €4M

Total Budget available: €163.5M

Titles of the 5 Challenges:

  1. Clean and efficient cooling
  2. Architecture, Engineering and Construction digitalisation for a novel triad of design, fabrication, and materials
  3. Precision nutrition
  4. Responsible electronics
  5.  In-space solar energy harvesting for innovative space applications

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