terreno plano com três ventoinhas eólicas

Portugal exceeds 100% of renewable energies

  • terreno plano com três ventoinhas eólicas
    June 10, 2018
    Increasing renewable energy capacity is one of the key objectives of Energy Union.

    In March, Portugal exceeded the consumption of mainland, reaching 103.6% of consumption. Wind and hydro were enough to meet all its electricity needs.

    According to the transmission system manager, REN, renewable electricity production reached 4,812 GWh in March, more than their needs, which amounted to 4,647 GWh.

    A new record which is the more striking as in March 2017, renewable energies provided only 6% of Portuguese electricity.

    Luxembourgian Green MEP, Claude Turmes, welcomed this “impressive” progress, which,  according to him, proves that the EU should raise its target in terms of use of renewable energies, currently set at 27% by 2030.



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