Volkswagen electric cars charging

Volkswagen commits to digital development in Portugal

  • Volkswagen electric cars charging
    August 29, 2018

    The German group intends to invest 3,5 billion by 2025 in digital development.

    Portugal will receive part of that investment in digital development with the construction of a development centre in Lisbon.

    The goal is to develop digital products and businesses. This includes a cloud platform that connects cars and customers to services such as car sharing.

    From 2020, all-electric cars with the brand will have integrated the platform.

    As part of the investment, Lisbon will host a digital development centre for Volkswagen that will have close to 300 people, including engineers, programmers and designers.

    The development centre operating in Lisbon will develop cloud software solutions that will allow greater digitization of corporate processes within the group and for connected vehicles.

    The centre will also be responsible for developing solutions for the digital services of the MAN truck company.


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