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Research & Development



Investment in R&D activities to develop new products/services or new production methods or processes.

Eligible costs:

  • Costs with technical staff dedicated to R&D activities;
  • Acquisition of services from third parties, including technical and scientific assistance and consulting;
  • Purchase of scientific and technical instruments and equipment (depreciations during project);
  • Costs associated with patents registration and acquisition.

Nature of support:

  • Base Rate: 25% of eligible expenses;
  • Bonuses: up to +60 pp according to project scope and company size;
  • Cash Grant: up to €1.000.000 of incentive;
  • For incentive amount that exceeds €1.000.000, 25% as an interest-free loan and 75% as cash grant.

Maximum support:

Financial grants combined with tax incentives, applied to the same expenses may not exceed: 80% of Gross Grant Equivalent for Industrial Research Projects; 60% of Gross Grant Equivalent for Experimental Projects.

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