Imagine this: Your Portuguese company boasts innovative products or services primed for international markets. The world awaits, but expanding your export reach can seem daunting. Fear not, ambitious entrepreneur! The Portugal 2030 initiative and Neomarca stand ready to power your global aspirations.

Portugal 2030: Your Funding Ally

With its focus on boosting exports and internationalization, Portugal 2030 offers several funding avenues to fuel your exporting dreams. Promoting your business outside Portugal can be a powerful growth strategy, but funding such endeavors requires understanding which expenses are eligible for support. The type of promotional activities you plan significantly influences eligible expenses. Activities like market research, participation in international trade fairs, development of marketing materials for foreign markets, and digital marketing for e-commerce platforms often hold funding potential. Certain programs might have specific criteria for eligible companies based on size (SME, large enterprise), location within Portugal, and sector.

But we know that navigating these funding opportunities can be complex. That’s where Neomarca shines.

Neomarca: Your Export Success Partner:

Our team of experts possesses deep knowledge of Portugal 2030 funding mechanisms and your industry’s specific export challenges. We’ll be your guide through the process, offering:

  • Program Matching: We’ll assess your company, export goals, and project details to identify the most suitable funding programs within Portugal 2030.
  • Eligibility Check: We’ll ensure your company meets all program criteria, avoiding wasted time and effort.
  • Grant and Loan Applications: Our experts will craft compelling applications that highlight your project’s impact on export growth and job creation, maximizing your chances of securing funding.
  • Project Development: We’ll help you refine your export strategy, ensuring it aligns with program objectives and demonstrates a clear impact on your business and the Portuguese economy.
  • Post-Funding Support: We’ll continue to guide you throughout the project implementation, connecting you with relevant partners and helping you overcome any hurdles.

Beyond Funding

Neomarca’s support extends beyond securing funds. We offer additional services to empower your export journey:

  • Market Research and Intelligence: We’ll provide valuable insights into target markets, competitor analysis, and trends to inform your export strategy.
  • Internationalization Strategy Development: We’ll help you create a customized roadmap for entering new markets, considering cultural nuances and regulatory requirements.
  • Networking and Partnerships: We’ll leverage our extensive network to connect you with potential buyers, distributors, and partners in your target markets.

Ready to Take Your Exports Global?

Don’t let the complexities of international expansion hinder your ambitions. With Portugal 2030’s funding opportunities and Neomarca’s expert guidance, you can confidently set sail towards global success. Contact us today to discuss your export goals and unlock the full potential of your Portuguese company!

Together, let’s turn your export dreams into reality!

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