GoodBarber opens office in Coimbra

  • coding
    September 12, 2019

    French technology company GoodBarber opens office in Coimbra

    Coimbra office manager David Fortunato clarified that “GoodBarber is a technology company dedicated to building an online platform to enable customers to create their own mobile applications (iOS, Android and Web) in an automated way, without the need for programming skills, as well as hiring an entire team to develop those applications”.

    “Our focus is to simplify the creation of mobile applications. For anyone who has no technical skills, that is, say a barber owner who wants to create an Android, iOS, and Web app to stay connected with your customers (for example with virtual loyalty cards, blogging, sending notifications, and many other solutions). The normal cost of creating a root application will be very expensive, as it will need to hire someone to build on different platforms and also add maintenance costs, without noticing that this vision will be restored”.

    Installed also a Lisbon and New York, GoodBarber wants to take advantage of Coimbra’s technology cluster and, in addition to engineers, is planning to hire other professionals in the area of ​​Support, Marketing and Design, among other sectors.