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Great Hotels of the World tranfers headquarters to Portugal

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    September 10, 2018
    The group considers the headquarters transfer to Lisbon as an opportunity to relaunch the brand worldwide.

    Great Hotels of the World is a present in 16 countries with a network of 61 hotels (including 9 Portuguese hotels). It provides independent hotels with international sales and marketing expertise, the latest digital technology and valuable, long-term business relationships.

    The change happens after GuestCentric, a Portuguese company, acquired the Great Hotels of the World and received a cash injection from the venture capital company Portugal Ventures.

    Portugal Ventures, whose main focus is investments in tourism, has projected over €1 million investment specifically for the brand development.

    The venture capital company is also launching “Call for tourism” in October. The initiative aims to “identify future investment opportunities in projects in the tourism area”.


    Source: Essential Business


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