A new call for projects for Innowwide funding programme is open. Submit your project application before the deadline on 17 October 2023, 14:00 CEST. If you are an innovative SME, you can apply to Innowwide for a grant of 60.000€ to assess the viability of your research or commercial ambitions in international markets.

Innowwide can be a useful tool for your R&D journey:

  • As you develop your project idea, to assess whether your local partner (or subcontracted organisation) can cooperate with you in a future international R&D project
  • After successfully finishing your R&D project, to understand whether your product-, process- or service-market combination could be commercialised in your selected target market

Market feasibility projects must:

  1. Be led by an innovative SME from a European Union Member State or Iceland, Israel, Norway or Türkiye.
  2. include an independent partner entity (main subcontractor for the market feasibility project), legally established in the selected target country.

A market feasibility project is a technical, commercial, legal, and/or socioeconomic validation of an innovative business solution in a new international market as a means of deepening understanding of the target market before launching a new commercial venture.

Feasibility project

Your market feasibility project must:

  • Have a target country (a pilot market) where you intend to develop and validate your innovative business solution in collaboration with local counterparts. You should consider, where appropriate, frugal innovation.
  • Feature product- (or process-, or service-) market development by an innovative SME from a European Union Member State or Iceland, Israel, Norway or Türkiye with one local partner (e.g., a research provider or complementary technology developer, supplier, customer, end user,) in the selected target country, as main subcontractor for the market feasibility project. The expected outcome must have a high impact in the target country (pilot market).
  • Include a variety of activities to identify and assess key local technical and market framework conditions in the target country that may favour or impede the effective deployment of your innovation.

Market feasibility projects may:

  • Be the preliminary phase of a future international R&I project with local counterparts in the target country that you intend to carry out in the short or medium term. This future cooperation project may be oriented towards the development, improvement or research of new applications for your proposed innovative solution (product, process or service), including frugal innovation.

No minimum Technology Readiness Level (TRL) nor limit are set in this call. However, where further R&I activities are expected, TRL 7 would be the indicative top limit. After your market feasibility project, you should have a clearer understanding of your target market and be able to make informed business decisions.


To be considered for funding, your application must score above the set threshold for each individual award criterion and be ranked in the top 70 projects (above the budget-threshold).

Funding will be allocated to applications ranked over the budget-threshold, ethically viable, according to the ranking list until the call available budget is exhausted.

Innowwide financial support rate is up to 70% of minimum eligible costs of 86.000€. Each successful market feasibility project will receive a fixed grant of 60,000 euro.

The funding to each SME market feasibility project coordinator will be processed as follows:

  • An advance payment of 70% (42.000€) provided at the beginning of project implementation;
  • The remaining 30% (18.000€) transferred at the end of the market feasibility project, upon delivery and acceptance of a complete Final Report.

Applications must be completed and submitted on our SmartSimple platform by someone legally authorised to represent the SME based in the EU Member State, Iceland, Israel, Norway or Türkiye.

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