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Kencko – the 100% natural instant vegetable drink

  • kencko organique sachets
    July 24, 2019

    Kencko has gone into party mode after announcing a $ 3.4 million seed fund for growth and product development. The company will use the seed fund to finance the transformation of the sachets containing powdered smoothies, turning them from recyclable to compostable.

    The startup created by two Portuguese in 2018, develops herbal products to encourage people to consume more vegetables and fruits.

    Kencko – which means health in Japanese – provides a nutritious fruit preparation made from delicious, 100% organic, natural ingredients with no added sugars, for instant smoothies. The solution consists of a reusable bottle and a variety of single-use sachets that can be mixed with water to create fresh, tasty juices without the need for special kitchen appliances.

    The company says that each 20g sachet mixed with water contains two of the five recommendations a day for servings of fruits and vegetables.

    “There is a demand for more transparency and knowledge about ingredients. The last few years have triggered a totally new revolution around food. “

    Beyond products, Kencko will also use the new capital to develop its direct sales strategy to the consumer. According to founder and CEO Tomás Froes, the full launch of the mobile application this year, currently in beta for the first customers, is at the heart of his concerns.

    The investment was provided by NextView Ventures, LocalGlobe, Kairos Ventures, Techstars, Max Ventures and other anonymous contributors.