Medical tourism in Portugal set to grow

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    February 5, 2020
    Medical tourism as a potential driver of growth in the economy.

    Portugal has long been a favourite destination for tourists, with its pleasant climate, beautiful coastlines and reasonably priced property. But now there’s another reason to visit the country: medical tourism.

    In Portugal, the Health sector is prominent and fast-evolving, developing significantly over the last few decades. Today, its healthcare system is high-quality, equipment is the most modern, and a national regulatory organisation regularly assesses facilities.

    The country also has a vibrant and innovative Research & Development ecosystem, characterised by the presence of world-class institutions and scientists in areas such as neurosciences, cancer, immunology, regenerative medicine and nanomedicine.

    “We have to be proud and satisfied in terms of being able to offer our fellow citizens a health system that is one of the best in the world,” said the minister at a ceremony in Lisbon at which a protocol to promote the offer of medical tourism in Portugal was signed.

    The secretary of state for tourism, Rita Marques, agreed that medical tourism was a “very sure bet for tourism”. She mentioned that Portugal has a great deal to offer in this area and that health professionals and other experts have the capacity to respond to growing demand.

    The protocol was signed by representatives of Portugal’s national tourist board, of the Agency for Investment and Foreign Trade (AICEP), the Health Cluster Portugal organisation and the Portuguese Association of Private Hospitalisation.

    The document describes medical tourism as a potential boost to the sector’s competitiveness. Most important, it has the capability to generate a turnover of more than €100 million/year.

    The main objective is to boost the recognition and international notoriety of the Portuguese offer. Moreover, support their placement in foreign markets.

    Recently, Portugal also launched new health campaign to reaffirm the country’s ongoing commitment to British citizens – the Brelcome campaign.