Microsoft Teams registered massive user growth in Portugal in confinement

  • microsoft
    September 29, 2020

    Microsoft registered an increase of “hundreds of thousands” of users of Teams in Portugal in confinement.

    Microsoft celebrates 30 years of presence in Portugal and today has 600 thousand schools that use its videoconferencing platform. The company crossed the barrier of 1.100 workers, having doubled the team in the last four years.

    “This is only possible because our country has made a great development of talent, of making that talent available, and has attracted people of various nationalities“, said the general director of Microsoft Portugal, Paula Panarra.

    Paula Panarra guaranteed that Microsoft’s mission is to “enable the country’s economic development through technology – increasingly in in cloud”. She also revealed that currently, more than 60% of the company’s revenue comes from storage services ‘in the cloud’.

    Microsoft says that there is “a very high percentage” of companies (SMEs and large companies) in Portugal that subscribe to their Office 365 applications (Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Word…). It registered an “increase of hundreds of thousands ”of users of the Teams platform in the country during confinement. In national schools, for which the product is free, it has 600 thousand users.

    Today, the technology company aims helping economic recovery, business reinvention and initiatives to (re) qualify human resources.

    “There were many paradigms that were broken about whether remote work is possible, even in the most conservative companies,” said Paula Panarra.

    In her opinion, companies are changing the work culture and are increasingly concerned with optimizing operations and customer engagement projects for digital, such as investing in e-commerce and creating development centers.