primeiro ministro com mais 5 pessoas em conferência

New investments in technology and research

  • primeiro ministro com mais 5 pessoas em conferência
    June 15, 2018
    New investments in technology and research create quality jobs in Portugal

    The multinational´s Google (ICT) and Amyris (renewable and sustainable products to substitute products produced from petroleum or rare metals) are going to make significant investments in Portugal, it was announced during Prime minister António Costa visit to the United States, in technology and research.

    The visit has included visits to Cisco, the Hoover Institution of Stanford University, Google, the and the Bank of Silicon Valley.

    New capacity for innovation in applications

    Google announced the installation of a unit in Portugal for training and development of the Android operating system, a first for the company, in Europe. The center in Oeiras will begin this year, through an open tender to fill a thousand places for training and the development of technological products in the Android operating system. This pilot project will support Portugal´s development of new capacities for innovation in applications.

    The company highlighted Portugal as “one of the leading countries of the digital economy in Europe. We want to continue to support the efforts of the Portuguese Government to develop the digitization of its economy “.

    Google has recently made a substancial investment in Portugal, having already created 500 jobs.

    Investment in biotechnological research

    A US $ 50 million contract with Amyris for biotechnology research at the Catholic University of Porto has been signed with the Portuguese Agency for Investment and Foreign Trade (AICEP). The investment in the School of Biotechnology of the Catholic University of Porto is aimed at researching new paths of environmental sustainability in the field of biotechnology.

    Quality Jobs

    Cisco currently employs around 400 workers across Portugal, including Braga and Oeiras, an objective that goes hand in hand with the governments priority to increase the quality of employment.

    Portugal is developing a cyber-security cluster

    Cisco is seen as a critical partner in the technological modernization and digital transformation of Portugal. The Prime Minister indicated that cyber-security “is an industry in which Portugal is developing an important cluster” at a European level, and attracting other technology companies that are installing their competence centers in Portugal.