New platform for foreign investment in Portugal

  • foreign investment in Portugal
    October 29, 2021

    Turismo de Portugal has created a new platform for foreign investment in Portugal with the goal of making the country a top investment destination.

    With the aim of “strengthening the international competitiveness”, the Invest in Tourism platform can be used to “maximize contacts with potential investors” or as a talent recruitment platform, it can be read in the Turismo de Portugal statement. It may as well be used for business opportunities in tourism.

    For all investors who intend to invest in Portugal, they may clarify their questions in this Invest in Tourism platform, where they can read about things such as tax benefits or financing, just to name a few.

    The platform guides the user to all the experience of investing in Portugal. You may start reading about Portugal in the tab “Portugal at a glance”, moving forward to the “start a business” page, going on to the “search an opportunity” and clarifying your doubts about the financing options. But that is just a quick and immediate guide in the platform, you may explore it much profoundly and in your own will.

    The country is constantly in the top destinations of the world rankings and Turismo de Portugal wants to transform that into an opportunity for foreign investment in Portugal. Turismo de Portugal also added that Portugal is in the Top 10 of the most attractive European destinations for foreign investment, according to the study “Attractiveness Survey 2021” (EY).