Portugal 2030: Companies seeking to either create or resize their industrial unit or facilities, to develop new products/services, or to increase their production capacity will be valid for these calls.

This call aims to stimulate business investment of an innovative nature, promoting a change in the specialization profile of the Portuguese economy and strengthening its external competitiveness through differentiation, diversification and innovation.
Operations that contribute to the improvement of the productive capacities of SMEs and to the development of innovative, digital and sustainable solutions, mainly based on the results of R&D and the increase in qualified employment, are eligible for support.
Operations to be supported shall aim at the production of new goods and services, or significant improvements of current production through transfer and application of knowledge. Operations may alternatively or complementarily also target the adoption of new or significantly improved manufacturing, logistics and distribution, organizational or marketing processes or methods.
In this call, a clear focus is given to operations that intend to produce tradable and internationalizable goods and services, within the framework of productive sectors and wider value chains that generate greater added value, thus contributing to reinforce the export orientation and external competitiveness of the Portuguese economy.

Applications must present an eligible investment between 300 thousand euros and 25 million euros and be inserted in one of the four types of actions

  • Setting up a new establishment
  • Increase the capacity of an existing facility
  • Diversify an establishment’s production to products not previously produced there
  • Fundamental change in the overall production process of an existing establishment

Mere expansion or modernization investment projects are not supported.

Non-refundable financing rate: up to a maximum limit of 40%.

Application period

Phase 1: 19:00 on 16-09-2024
Phase 2: 19:00 on 30-12-2024

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