Portugal – Carsol invests €54 mln in organic fruit farm

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    September 17, 2019

    Chilean firm Carsol Fruit is investing €54 million to set up an organic fruit farm in Portugal’s Alcácer do Sal, in Alentejo region. There, it aims to produce around 9,000 tons of blueberries per year. The project involves renovating an old factory in Montalvo which will be the farm’s headquarters.

    Production is only expected to begin in 2025. Around 200 jobs will be created, although during the peak production period around 2,500 temporary jobs could be created.

    Established in 1990 as Agrícola Santa Catalina Ltd. CarSol Fruit S.A. focuses in growing premium quality blueberries and has pioneered the development of the blueberry market in Chilean. Besides blueberries, Carsol Fruit stands out as a grower of other fruits and vegetables, such as kiwifruit and asparagus. CarSol Fruit S.A. is a large producer of fresh blueberries in South America, specializing in counter season crops. Carsol decided to expand its commercial horizons and established Carsol Europe in 2013.

    Source: Carsol