The Tech Visa program is a certification program for Portuguese companies that want to hire highly qualified and specialized workers from outside the Schengen area. The program is run by IAPMEI, a Portuguese government agency, and it is designed to make it easier for companies to hire these workers.

To be eligible for the Tech Visa program, a company must be incorporated in Portugal and must have a job opening that requires a high level of skill or specialization. The company must also be willing to pay the employee a salary that is at least 2.5 times the minimum wage in Portugal.

Once a company has been certified for the Tech Visa program, it can start recruiting workers from outside the Schengen area. Workers who are interested in applying for a Tech Visa must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification in a relevant field, and they must have at least two years of work experience in a related role.

The Tech Visa program is a great way for Portuguese companies to attract the best talent from around the world. It is also a great way for workers from outside the Schengen area to find high-paying jobs in Portugal.


In order to apply for a visa or residence permit under the program, companies must ensure their candidates comply with all highly qualified workers requirements, namely:
Only third country nationals not permanently residing in European Union territory can be accepted

  • all tax obligations must be fulfilled, when applicable
  • Candidates must have no criminal record
  • Candidates must be at least 18 years old
  • Candidates must have successfully completed a Bachelor’s degree 2 or equivalent with 5 year experience in specialized technical functions
  • Candidates should be proficient in Portuguese, English, French or Spanish and master a language level suitable to the functions/duties to be performed.

Certified companies will be able to:

  • Recruit qualified workers, third country nationals and non permanent residents in European Union territory, in a simpler way;
  • Issue a digital a Liability Note the candidate may present at the Consular Posts/Embassy and Border Control Services to qualify for a highly skilled worker residence visa or permit. This aims to streamline the recruiting process.

Overall companies will be limited to recruit up to 50% of their total workforce numbers under the Tech Visa Program. However, companies based in remote or peripheral areas will be allowed to recruit up to 80% of their total workforce.

There will be a mandatory minimum wage for workers recruited through the Tech Visa Program.