Investment Advisory

Investment advisory services prior to, during and following the active stages of the investment cycle in Portugal.

  • Market analysis.

  • Golden Visa application.

  • Business start-up consulting.

  • Funding – National and European Incentives and grants.

  • Venture Capital Funds.

Corporate Strategy

Strategic analysis providing sustainable and measurable improvements to company competitiveness and operations.

  • Business Strategy.

  • Benchmarking services.

  • Improve operational performance.

  • ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance

  • Competitor analysis and monitoring.

Marketing & Sales

We help your company developing strategies that increase sales, attract and retain customers, support innovation, adopt product policies, price, and distribution aimed at growth.

  • Marketing and sales strategy.

  • Digital products.

  • Web & App development.

  • Branding & Design.

Human Capital

We work closely with client’s HR and general management to define training objectives, curriculum development and training tools, implement the training and monitor the results.

  • Designing HR benefits.

  • Training and improving skills.

  • RPA – Robot Process Automation.

  • Workforce management.

We advise companies & investors.

We’ll help you set up a business in Portugal. Whatever your needs are, Neomarca’s experts are ready to help you.

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We know the landscape, we know the market, and we understand your industry.

Neomarca has consolidated more than 25 years of cross-sector experience in sectors as diverse as Agrifood, Industry and Energy, Transportation and Logistics, Tourism and Hospitality, Commerce and Services, Creative Industries and ICT.

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