ilustração de armazém da Bosch

German companies create 50,000 jobs in Portugal

  • ilustração de armazém da Bosch
    June 1, 2018
    German chancellor Angela Merkel visited Bosch’s new technology centre in Braga

    Bosch employs around 4,450 in Portugal, and has now established a team at its technology centre to develop software for cars.

    In a €240 million investment, the centre employs 250 specialists, Mathias Renninger expects to see staff numbers expand to 400 by the end of the year.

    Part of the five largest German companies present in Portugal, Bosch is one of the largest single employers, with around 20,000 workers.

    “Official data revealed that German companies are responsible for 35,000 direct jobs in Portugal but we know the actual figure is higher. We think German companies are responsible for approximately 50,000 jobs in Portugal if indirect jobs are included but it’s hard to tell because many German industries use local suppliers” – Hans-Joachim Bohemer, CEO of the German-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce (CCILA).

    According to the latest statistics in 2016, the 400 German companies registered in Portugal, recorded a €10Bn turnover with more than half of this amount resulting from sales overseas.

    One of the main driving factors for opening a German company in Portugal is the quality of Portuguese human resources, particularly in the field of engineering, and the ability of the workforce to speak foreign languages.


    SOURCE: Essential Business