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Portugal remains third safest country in the world

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    June 22, 2020
    Portugal remains third safest country in the world, as well as being ranked the safest country in the European Union.

    Portugal stands out once again in terms of security. Portugal has just been considered the 3rd safest country in the world, the 1st at European level. This is according to the latest Global Peace Index (GPI), by the Institute for Economics & Peace, which indicates the world’s safest countries. Portugal appears in third position, after Iceland and New Zealand.

    “The important security measures that Portugal has taken in recent years have led to a reduction in crime and, consequently, to a gradual and consolidated increase in this ranking,” said the ministry.

    In 2014, Portugal ranked eighteenth in the Global Peace Index, having climbed to third position in 2019.

    This concludes how the country combines not only a set of perfect living conditions (climate, friendly people, culture..) but also a severe level of security which continues to attract millions of tourists each year.